Reaching out to public healthcare

We provide expert energy efficiency and engineering services, working alongside government, to address infrastructural shortfalls in South African public hospitals. Our projects are strategically chosen for maximum impact, and we ensure that donor contributions are used transparently and effectively. Our work improves the quality of patient care, by helping public hospitals operate in more stable and reliable manner. Outreach Engineering is a registered non-profit company, non-profit organisation and Section 18A-approved public benefit organisation.

Sustainable healthcare infrastructure is a must

The challenges posed by shortages of doctors, nurses and funds are well understood. However, the importance of hospital infrastructure is often overlooked. Outreach Engineering is helping to address the many infrastructural shortfalls in our country's hospitals. Without well-engineered and well-maintained infrastructure in place, hospitals cannot support their staff, their equipment and most importantly, their patients.

Baragwanath can overcome its challenges

The Heal Baragwanath project is designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the J. D. Allen operating theatre complex at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. This critical facility suffers from frequent and long-lasting power outages. The backup power system is outdated and needs to be redesigned to accommodate the hospital's current and future energy requirements. In addition, the hospital relies heavily on outdated and inefficient technologies for lighting and climate control.


  • Patient's lives are at risk when power outages occur during surgeries.
  • Surgery backlogs worsen, when surgeries are cancelled and rescheduled because of power outages.
  • Precious surgery time is lost, due to environmental factors and inadequate temperature control in operating theatres.
  • Energy is wasted as a result of outdated and inefficient technologies.

The project has three main phases:

Phase 1:

Backup power system

Phase 2:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

Phase 3:

Lightning retrofit and general maintenance

We've partnered with some of South Africa's leading experts

Outreach Engineering has partnered with the University of the Witwatersrand and benefits from the experience of some of the most highly regarded electrical engineers in the country. Other contributors include Werksman Attorneys, Grant Thornton, Idea Engineers and many other industry leaders.

Baragwanath can lead the way

Outreach Engineering is striving to improve the quality of public healthcare in South Africa. Just like Baragwanath Hospital, there are many other public hospitals that need guidance and help.

Help millions of South Africans in a transparent, effective and sustainable way. Get in touch with Outreach Engineering today!

These upgrades are needed now!

Outreach Engineering's initial work will make the backup power in the J.D. Allen operation theatre complex far more reliable. By introducing modern, energy-efficient technologies, we're making the hospital a lot greener. The environmental benefits will reduce day-to-day activities. Some of the progress to date includes:

  • Energy Cybernetics donated and performed an energy audit of the facility.
  • Schmidhauser Electrical created and verified electrical reticulation diagrams
  • Industry experts have proposed solutions to many problems. Outreach Engineering has collected and analysed these proposals.

Outreach Engineering's work also reduces hospital energy consumption. This has the added benefit of easing the demand on Eskom and reducing their need to load shed. Our work will allow the hospital to keep operations running during power outages, as well as improve the quality of care given to many poor and needy patients.